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Services We Provide

Gas Heater Repair

Every one in California needs a heater. Gas heating takes precision and knowledge in order to be safe to operate. Proper venting, air flow, and combustion make gas heaters the most important appliance in your home.

Fan Motor Replacement

A fan motor is needed for cooling and heating. Most homes have two! One outside and one inside. They are commonly suggested to homeowners to replace before they go out. But replace isn't always necessary.

A/C Repair

Clearly a very important appliance in California. Prices for repairs or replacement an be all over the place. What do you really need to replace? How do you know? Compare what we have to say to what you've been told and decide for yourself. Just send us a text message!

System Installation

The single most important thing with a new system installation is the quality of the install. Not brand, SEER, efficiency, etc. You need to know that your new system is being installed 100% correctly. Always ask for a complete start-up form so that you can ensure that it is being correctly put together.

Heat Pump Repair

Heat Pumps can be tricky for a lot of techs. Refrigerant will heat and cool your home. So as you guessed, there are many more working parts that are involved with this type of system. Make sure that your tech knows exactly what they are doing by asking "Have you repaired many heat pumps?

Duct Replacement and Repair

Duct work has changed a bit over the years. Most is a flexible type and insulation factor is the important aspect. For many years R-4.2 was the standard, but that has now changed to R-6.0. The most insulated is R-8.0 and is the most expensive. Always make sure that it has a foil scrim outer vapor barrier.