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About Circular AC

At Circular AC, it is our mission to give you a customer experience unlike any that you have never had before. With over 35 years of experience in the Inland Empire you can be assured and confident that we know exactly what will make you as comfortable as possible while providing low prices and prompt service. With technology changes we have decided to let all of our customers know that they can send us text messages with questions, concerns, and even set up appointments. We know how busy everyone can get and feel that this unique service will allow convenience and assistance to all that choose to use Circular AC as their Heating. Cooling, and Venting provider.

At Circular AC, customers mean everything to us! We know that there are many. many, different types of customers and we pride ourselves on being able to relate to and find a solution that best fits the needs of all of our clients. The idea for Circular AC was conceived in 2013 and was born from a need and desire to change the industry. We want all clients and customers to feel like they are our friends and neighbors and that they are part of the Circular Family.

How do you know if you are getting a fair or affordable price for a new system? Or even a simple repair? Send us a text message and we will be happy to let you know! We can even do second opinions via text so that you don’t feel pressured or rushed to make a decision or even better, don’t have to waste any of your precious time having another company come out.
So feel free to send us a text even if it is just a question that you have. Or, if you are a Do-it-Yourself type of person we can even help you with troubleshooting. We know that you will be satisfied, because you and your family are who we care about!